Biography & Statement

Graphic Design (illustration) Northwhich College of art & design, Northwhich, Cheshire 1970
Foundation in Art & Design, Gloscat, Gloucester 1998
Fine art painting degree (B.A Hons) The University of Gloucestershire 1999 - 2002
Post Graduate Certificate , University of Gloucestershire 2004.

I live in Cheltenham UK and I show my work nationally and in group and solo shows, I've taken part in The pastel society and the New English art club annual exhibitions at the Mall Galleries London, The Discerning eye and a number of Stuckist exhibitions. I belong to The Cheltenham group of artists and Gloucester contemporary artists. I've taught art to adults in classes and workshops for several years and given talks and demos on abstract painting and pastel techniques to art clubs and societies.


I work in mixed media, my work is intuitive and organic, the concept is generated through the practice, growing from the initial marks.

I start the process quite randomly dividing the surface into areas of colour and shapes in quite a rough way allowing the painting to start forming itself, refining the first layers of paint and gaining control as the surface develops. Adding anything new alters the balance and determines what comes next. I'm interested in what one shape , form, mark, colour does next to another, how it affects what's going on around it. It's an ever changing, surprising process that has its own language containing archaic symbolism from my past.

While I'm working I'm processing memories and emotions, the objects of my everyday life are subsumed into the abstraction. I set out to make work that is beautiful, unique, decorative (unashamedly) and strong.